Renaissance Hotel 57 – NYC, New York

My husband, best friend and I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel 57 in NYC in July for 3 nights. My husband had to go for business purposes and my best friend and I explored the city and had fun. The location of the hotel was great. It was within walking distance of a ton of things. The Read More

Holiday Inn Warren – Warren, Pennsylvania

If you’re driving to Warren, Pennsylvania – I highly suggest fueling up and using the restroom prior to departure, as your options for fuel, food and toilet will be quite limited en route.  It is a lovely drive though, just in the middle of a rural area.  Warren is located on the banks of teh Read More

Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe – Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Southpointe is located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh.  It is essentially a large business park that has become an epicenter for business and industry south of the city.  Many corporate headquarters are housed here including several Fortune 500 companies.  Southpointe has grown to include now not only business locations, but a golf course, Read More

Hampton Inn & Suites Arcata – Arcata, California

The Hampton Inn & Suites Arcata were nice to stay in.  We stayed one night in mid March 2012 while visiting family.  It was easy to find.  Check in was quick & efficient.  There was only 1 elevator which was a slight negative because you had to wait a while sometimes for it to come Read More

AVIA Napa Hotel – Napa, California

The AVIA Napa Hotel is a small boutique hotel located literally in downtown Napa.  It was pure charm. The door was promptly opened for us & we walked into the main lobby with a bar to your right , concierge & check-in to your left.  We arrived quite early in the morning (around 8:30 am Read More

Grand Riviera Princess Resort & Spa – Riviera Maya, Mexico

My husband and I travelled to the Grand Riviera Princess Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico and stayed 10 nights.  Riviera Maya is located in the city-state of Quintana-Roo, south of Cancun.  With so many options in this area of the Mexican Caribbean, I dithered quite a bit when booking because I had read some Read More

Hilton Rose Hall – Jamaica

Hilton Rose Hall – Montego Bay, Jamaica My husband and I traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica April 29 – May 3, 2011.  This was my first visit to the island and two little words truly do sum it up – “Yah mon.”  It sounds like such a cliched phrase when we try to use it Read More


I think it’s safe for me to go with a broad generalization here and state that the majority of us probably spend most of our lives avoiding things that would lead to almost certain immediate death or at the very least serious maiming or dismemberment.  Therefore, it is beyond me to try to put into Read More

Bucket List Whopper

Bucket lists are funny things.  Some on my list I feel confident that I will check off someday, while others, I would say are in the “would be super cool if I did it, but I’m probably never going to be that crazy” category.  Top of that category for me – skydiving. Skydiving seems to Read More

Miles To Go

Have you ever craved something to eat or drink and no matter what you have, that’s not quite “it”?  Other things taste good but they are not that one thing that you know would satisfy you but don’t know what it is.  I often have that feeling – but not for food or drink.
I am filled with an insatiable thirst for travel.  The more I travel, the more I crave.  It’s what I imagine an addiction might be like.
My love for travel started early in life.  My parents were both teachers so we would travel during the summer.  Criss-crossing the US of A we would go – Florida, East Coast, Midwest, Southwest, Cali, National Parks, beaches, attractions and everything in between.  So I guess I have my parents to thank for my “habit” that I just can’t seem to kick.  Gee, thanks Dad and Mom for causing this.  Thanks for taking me all over and letting me see the world and experience awesome things as a child.  Little did you know that due to the opportunities you afforded me as a young ‘un – you would ruin and condemn me to a life of adventure and beauty as I travel to see the world.  I know you’ll undoubtedly agree — Woe is me.  **Insert extreme sarcasm here**
When will my thirst be quenched and my craving fed?  I know not.  I do have mini reprieves from my travel cravings now and again.  They occur when I’m traveling road-166543_1280and caught up in the moment and just experiencing.  Shortly after though, that gnawing feeling creeps back in.  It says – nope, that wasn’t the one.  Where to next?  How many days ’til we go?  I long for that place or sight or taste or sound that will be “it.”  That will suddenly allow me to go – “Aaaaahhhhhhhh. There.  This is it.  I can go home now and be satisfied to never travel again.”  But as part of me longs for that day and feeling – I honestly hope it is very far off, as this world is big, and I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of seeing it all.
I’ll allow Robert Frost to describe my journey best:  “And miles to go before I sleep.  And miles to go before I sleep.”
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